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About Us:

We are passionate about the value of Team Building and Corporate Roleplay. That’s why we’ve put together our unique offering based around Improv Comedy.

Improv Comedy is such a positive format for teams to immerse themselves in - it actively encourages creative thinking, team work, presentation, high impact performance - and comedy of course!

We believe that all of these are invaluable skills in the modern workforce.

Our team of performers are highly skilled professionals each with their own specialism and have each experienced many years of working for Blue Chip Organisations, so we believe that have a unique insight into the corporate mindset.

Our performers have worked for clients such as the BBC, ITV, Glee Comedy Clubs & Sony Entertainment

As for myself, as well as a performer I am also a fully qualified Project Manager as well as having had many years of working as an IT Consultant for large corporates managing teams of various sizes, so with us you are sure of working with a team who appreciates the needs of the corporate environment.

Jonathan Greaves - Owner, BigHead Events